JMS PedalMAX Drive By Wire Throttle Modification Device

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Slingshot Only (one of the many distributors we purchase from) is extremely proud to introduce to you what they feel is one of the most beneficial products to hit the market in quite some time! The JMS PedalMAX is available for all make/model/year slingshots, including those currently running turbocharger and supercharger kits. Not only does this product improve the overall performance of your vehicle in a way that few others can (especially within this price range), it was also designed with YOU (the user) in mind. This amazing addition to your slingshot is Plug-and-play and installs in under 30 minutes!!!                                                                         PedalMAX® is the industry’s first and only complete solution designed to improve throttle response and driving characteristics on many 2000 and newer domestic and import vehicles. PedalMAX is easy to install, and plugs in-line between the vehicle’s throttle position sensor and vehicle harness, providing a huge improvement in throttle performance and responsiveness.                           Improve Throttle Response. Increase Acceleration. Eliminate Turbo-lag .Command Downshifts w/ Automatic Trans. Reduce Throttle-Hang on Manual Trans. Unleash Trapped Power and Torque Boost, Low to Mid Range Performance

All vehicles built today are equipped with a “drive-by-wire” electronic throttle. One of the biggest consumer complaints has been poor throttle response and lag, especially in performance or racing applications. JMS PedalMAX® is a digital microprocessor-controlled device with advanced designed to improve the responsiveness on almost any common car, truck or SUV.                              Small displacement turbo or larger turbo-diesel trucks get a huge boost in on-throttle performance.                                                                                                 Extended PedalMAX® benefits include,                                                               seamless and warranty-friendly installation, advanced user throttle control via the included control knob, and the device requires no aftermarket OBD-II tuning or programming. This innovative new product can also be stacked or used in conjunction with common aftermarket OBD-II programmers and monitors. PedalMAX® features exclusive JMS digital technology housed in a proprietary sealed enclosure, and comes complete with plug and play wiring harness using OEM connectors for quick installation. The complete system is designed to be used on many different gas or diesel cars, trucks and SUVs regardless of engine size and will improve the driving experience significantly while adding improved low and mid-range performance.                                                              “PedalMAX is basically a voltage or pulse width conditioning device. Not necessarily an amplifier, but similar. We don’t rely on cheap resistors or other components, we use a multi-channel digital device to condition input and output signals, but also filter signals. So it’s basically a small computer that plugs into the accelerator pedal and modifies that input signal to the ECU. We use a standard “K-factor” applied to the voltage or pulse width to increase the responsiveness. Effectively, when the vehicle is at idle it’s at a stock voltage output, but as you increase pedal input it modifies the output over the first 80% of the range. The net effect is that when the pedal is at 60-70% input the throttle is wide open with the control knob set at 100%. The control knob allows you to modify the output values to decrease the relative sensitivity, so if the knob is at 50% the throttle will be wide open at 85% pedal input.                                                                                     The programming is also relatively aggressive, that’s why we allow you to adjust it on the fly!  Removing turbo or supercharge lag is a complete side-effect or anomaly, the aggressiveness of pedal input forces the control system to respond much quicker and produce power at a lower RPM.                                               On a RZR 1000 Turbo, the device at 100% can hit boost so hard on dry pavement that it can break the bead on the tires… For instance, you use a Rotrex supercharge kit, they have lag by design, so PedalMAX will drive past the lag by increasing RPM rate in a shorter time period and just kill the rear tire on command.                                                                                                         We’re not the first to test this theory in the market… The biggest issues are ingress protection and components. The product we developed for Polaris vehicles is based on a product we sell to Ford that’s used on 2018+ Mustangs and F-150 trucks with Ford Performance supercharger systems. It’s required to pass a 21-point DVPR, Level 4 PPAP, have an ingress protection of rating IP67+ (the highest rating for aerospace is IP69), and it has to be approved for use under hood of a production vehicle with a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty. It’s a very expensive product to build. No question it’s the most high-tech product of it’s kind and is complete over-kill for the aftermarket, but we cannot build it any other way since the technology is shared with Ford, GM and FCA. In Australia, Dodge brand actually owns the distribution rights to PedalMAX for FCA vehicles. It’s the real deal from a pure engineering standpoint. We use solid gold pins on our connectors, no one in our industry does that…” -Brad Grissom Vice President JMS Performance Group

Eliminate Turbo Lag and enhance low and mid-range power and torque. Increase throttle response and acceleration. Easy Plug & Play Installation

• Installs in less than 30 minutes. Remote Adjustment Knob

• Use to dial in your exact throttle enhancement setting. Can also be used with other tuning products such as exhaust, ECU, etc…

Simple Plug & Play Installation: Unplug your stock pedal connector and connect JMS PedalMAX.                                                                                            Improves vehicle acceleration. Increases low and mid-range horsepower and torque. Easy Plug & Play Installation                                                                  Eliminate Pedal Lag.  Eliminate Turbo Lag                                                    Remote Throttle Control Knob: Fine tune your throttle enhancement setting. Green Status LED: Know at a glance what the unit is doing. Solid Green = powered on                                                                                                        Each PedalMAX Kit Contains: PedalMAX Throttle Enhancer, Plug & Play Wiring Harness, Installation Kit, Set of Instructions                                                       Installation Kit Contains: 1 – Red De-Sensitizing Plug, 4 – Zip Ties, 1 – Mini-Screwdriver                                                                                                            *As this is a new product launch and demand is high, please allow for a one-two week lead time for shipping to occur.

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