Reward Points

5 % OF DOLLARS SPENT !  Is an industry leading points / rewards system where points are accumulated, representing 5 % of every purchase made,  to be rewarded to the purchaser to be discounted off the price of his next purchase . Or you can choose to LET EM RIDE and continue to accumulate with every purchase made, until you choose to redeem them for a substantial discount off that next    mod ! 

AND yes, you can relax and enjoy the riding season knowing your points NEVER EXPIRE and will be there for you to use for next year,s mods too ! (another industry first )

Earn $10.00 rewarded to you now, to be discounted off your first purchase by simply signing up for a store account now. We appreciate your business and are more than willing to earn it ! ( to sign up now, simply click on "account" in the top right of the menu bar.)

Points cannot be redeemed for cash.


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