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Just over one year ago Kevin Adams of SSBODYKITS.COM entered the Slingshot scene, with an overwhelming desire to PERSONALIZE IT,,, MAKE IT YOURS ! Kevin developed a complete body kit for his Slingshot, then tooled up with production molds to offer fellow Slingshotter's his products. And if that wasn,t enough, within the same time frame he developed a new Nascar Styled Windshield, a pneumatic wheel lift, tow dolly kits and more.     

WW.ssbodykits.com has now evolved with ww.allthingsslingshot.com as an afilliate, and Kevin is pleased to offer the complete line of Slingshot accessories from all the major manufactures, such as Twist Dynamics, Joker Slingshot, Bullet Speed, Assault Industries, others and DDMWorks. From tops to superchargers, we offer it all, and of course complete installation of all products offered is available upon request.  Call for details 

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