All Things Slingshot Roll Hoop Luggage Bags (pair)

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Slingshot Roll Bar Luggage Bags (pair)


All Things Slingshot Roll Bar Luggage Bags

These new Premier expandable roll bar bags, complete with a Slingshot harness by All Things Slingshot , will enhance  the use of your Slingshot. By allowing you and your wife to pack your bags for  a short vacation and enjoy the privacy of unpacking in the hotel destination of your choice. These bags are Quickly attached with the Velcro harness, once initially set, and are double secured, both around and over the roll hoops.  The expandable Semi Ridgid bags feature expandable zippers on each end that open to 20''x10''x9 1/2'' .

When the weather gets wet, this bag’s rain cover can be quickly deployed to protect your bag and your things. The rain cover goes over your bag and roll hoop cinches closed with an adjustable drawstring. When the weather brightens up again, it can be easily hidden away.

Made To Order Item, please allow two weeks prior to shipping


Taking ten minutes to initially set up your Slingshot harnesses on the bags and adjust the bag’s 2'' back strap, will allow for quick and easy mounting in the future.

Driver's side bag-  The two inch back strap on the bags come mounted to the bags correctly for the drivers side roll hoop , in that the buckle end  can be threaded through the vertical castings of the roll hoops on the outside of the hoop. You only need the outside threaded through the castings on hoops to prevent bags from bouncing up during rides, as shown.  Hidden behind the center of the 2'' strap on the back is a velcro lock preventing the strap from sliding , loosen this and slide the strap out approximately 2 1/2 inches so that the buckle will rest just through the castings of the roll hoop .

 Passenger's side bag -  You should remove the 2'' back  strap (velcroed in place)  from the passenger side bag and re thread it back onto the bag, opposite direction, so that it's buckle is now also on outside of passenger roll hoop, and set the strap so it's buckle is also approximately 2 1/2'' as shown in photo below, After loosening the velcro lock in the center of the 2 inch strap on back of bag,  pulling it out to reverse it will be easy , however you may need to fold the end in half lengthways to reinsert it into  through the tightly sewn pockets. 

All Things Slingshot Roll Hoop Luggage Bags (pair)

Passenger Side Bag 

All Things Slingshot Roll Hoop Luggage Bags (pair)

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