Ventilated Seat Cushions for the Polaris Slingshot

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Brought to you by All Things Slingshot, A Custom Designed Ventilated Seat Pad, for Slingshot seats and Ultimate Comfort

What are Ventilated cushions? Ventilated cushions are made with a three-dimensional knitted polyester yarn and inner core. The resulting open structure provides for optimal ventilation. The cushions are comfortable and have a clearly evident, yet not overly soft suspension, ensuring you sit in a firm and stable manner. 

Cool and dry, Excessive heat can cause perspiration areas around the lower back and seat, and can be bothersome when taking part in a long hard ride, on hot summer days. While the wind in the face freedom of the Slingshot is exhilarating, without A/C, the lower back area can take a beating on such days. Proper ventilation can make all the difference in the world. Perspiration is no longer a problem with a Ventilated seat cushion. These are not called the world’s best ventilating cushion for nothing and will always keep you cool and dry.

From the Netherlands, These ventilated Seat Cushions cut their teeth on high point load riding in the recumbent bike industry where all other amazon type, low density foam cushions simply collapse, blocking the required airflow in such a grueling work out on hot summer days.

Spring, Summer or Fall, Rain can fall at any time, and that’s why Ventilated Cushions are made to dry fast. Pat or shake out the moisture and they will dry even quicker. The material does not absorb moisture, while keeping you elevated above the rain soaked Vinyl. Durable and user-friendly Ventilated cushions will not go mouldy, are UV resistant, odor free, color fast (only available in black) and are easy to clean.

If the extra comfort warrants it for you all the time, every cushion comes with eight female Velcro tabs applied on the back and eight male, stick it pads, which can be applied directly to the vinyl seats, keeping  the cushions in place at  any speed , even in an unoccupied seat. 

Application, fits all Slingshot seats, Base , Velocity or SLR.   The contoured measurements of 107 x 33 / 29 / 33  x 2 cm Thick, are designed to fit between the bolsters of all racing seats as well.  The elevated thickness reliefs the snugness of some racing seat bolsters making them all the more comfortable and can quickly be removed for those track days when you want to run , firmly planted within your four point harness.     

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY( not per pair)

Please allow  two to three weeks for delivery , until we can get new product inventories allotted for .

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