1320 Performance Rear Center Exit Quad Tip Exhaust (Non-Cat)

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1320 Performance Rear Center Exit Quad Tip Exhaust (Non-Cat)

1320 Performance Exhausts are designed to produce great, low-end power all the way to redline while adding an intoxicating rumble tone to your Slingshot.  This rear center exit exhaust will really enhance the overall look of your vehicle.  1320 exhausts are constructed with high quality 304 stainless steel and CNC-machined flanges that accept the OEM O-ring gasket.  The exhaust utilizes a front oval pipe to prevent bottoming out on obstacles, such as speed bumps.  The anti-reversion chamber eliminates unwanted exhaust gasses from traveling backwards through the exhaust system when the exhaust gas velocity is low and scavenging is minimal.  This chamber keeps exhaust flow moving in the right direction, resulting in a broader power band and more torque.  This system also has a factory spring mounting bracket to keep the exhaust in an OEM fitment with no modification required.  This product is compatible with the OEM Slingshot manifold and the 1320 Performance Header.

  • This system comes with the big wheel/tire pipe upgrade kit so it can also fit Slingshots with 20 inch wheels and 295 tires or 21 inch wheels with 305 tires.
  • The full system is polished to a mirror shine
  • system is fully tig welded
  • Easy installation – full system can usually be installed in under 2 hours with standard hand tools*
    • No instructions accompany this product
    • Please visit 1320’s youtube video for installation
    • youtube.com/watch?v=oHAx0qLyJVE&t=25s

**Please refer to 1320 Performance’s website for additional information regarding restrictions and the warranty policy associated with this particular product**

***Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping***

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