ZZP Stage 2 Upgrade Kit for Slingshot Turbo Kit

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This is only for customers that already have the  ZZP turbo kit with tune. This is everything you need to never have tread on your rear tire. It comes with everything needed to increase your boost over 8 psi. Minimum 93 octane fuel required. It includes: 60# Siemens Injectors, Manual Boost Controller with the required fittings and hoses and  a stage 2 ECM TUNE. 

Kevin Adams stock Slingshot recently dyno'd at 302 ft lbs torque and 301 WHP (355 H.P. ) at 9.1 PSI. boost using this ZZP Stage 2 Kit. A Stage 2  Kit includes 60# siemens injectors, manual boost controller, required fittings and hoses, and a ZZP Stage 2 ECM tune . At 9.1 PSI Kevin Adams stock Slingshot dyno'd at 302 ft lbs torque and 301 WHP . (355 H.P.) making this ZZP Turbo Kit the best performing forced induction system available for your stock Slingshot on the market. For longer term reliability the manual boost controller was backed off to 8. 5 PSI. maximum boost.     

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