ZZP Rear Mount Radiator Kit

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ZZP Rear Mount Radiator Kit


This is an exclusive ZZP rear mount radiator kit for your Slingshot. The reason ZZP created this product is because they found it very uncomfortable / annoying when sitting in staging lanes at the drag strip or driving around the city, only to have the O.E.M rad fans kick on when sitting still or driving slowly, with coolant temperatures at 195.  Without the added benefit of wind in your face at cruising speed, the factory rad fans basically blow that hot air into the cockpit via the airflow penetrations in the radio stack tower, tranny tunnel, dashboard and firewall, creating a very hot cockpit environment.

So they decided to mount a rear mount radiator with a fan that comes on at 185°, 10 degrees before the factory fan setting. so not only did they just add a ton of cooling capacity to the engine, it also redirects that heat to behind the Slingshot. As this secondary radiator system running in parallel with the O.E.M system, is more than capable of dispersing all that low RPM heat without the need for the front rad fans ever kicking in. Hence, The cockpit no longer experiences that blast of hot air when sitting still in an already too hot environment as those pesky front fans kick in. The new rad hoses supplied run full length inside the tranny tunnel above the bottom frame crossmembers.


Aluminum Radiator with shroud

Complete hose set, c/w clamps

 Wire harness

Fasteners and Hardware

Fan thermostat switch

Fan unit

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