Nascar Styled Windshield, BY ATSS, Polaris slingshot

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Our new Nascar-Styled  windshields by ATSS, are designed to optimize efficiencies with improved aerodynamics,

while providing the utmost in cabin comfort. Our new fiberglass base allows us to sweep the windshield back an additional 10 degrees over the O.E.M. windshields , while providing an unparalleled, right to left arch that plays a significant role  in sweeping  that airflow smoothly around  and over the occupants. Consequently, this windshield fits perfectly with Polaris's new Slingshade,   in a way no other windshield can !                                                       
​ These widely recognized sweeping windshields are commonly found on all late model, high performance automobiles such as Mustangs, Camaros, and the new Corvettes.The benefits of the improved aerodynamics play an important role in drag reduction on high performance vehicles, but more importantly can provide an additional benefit to Slingshotters. The improved airstream around and over the windshield edges  vastly clean up the airflow, greatly reducing the vortices (turbulence) created as the air stream breaks over those windshield edges. Hence , less vortices , less turbulence ,less opportunities for exhaust gasses being drawn into a larger low pressure area created by sharper more abrupt windshields! 

. The new aerodynamically correct base uses the same mounting holes and flanges as your O.E.M.  windshield  then extends back over your  dash pods  using a  foam gasket material to prevent marking the dash pods. No fasteners are required other than at the original flanges.
Guaranteed, the calmest cockpit of any windshield, at any height ! 

All our windshields are treated (both sides) with a patented hard coat, from the Industry leader, Tuffak.  ATSS uses only AR, (Abrasion Resistant) polycarbonate in our windshields, providing the utmost protection to withstand harmfull UV rays while maintaining the best optical  clarities .Pol
ycarbonate is at least 200 x stronger than class while acryllic is about 8 x and more prone to cracking and shattering then polycarbonate, Hence all professional race car windshields and hockey visors are made with polycarbonate. Shouldn't your windshield be too ?

Models- We offer two standard heights, our most popular, our Tallboy shown, here will keep the wind out of the eyes of most occupants under 6 ft. 2 inches. For those who want more wind protection we offer a Tallboy, Plus 2''

Fits- all years 2015-2021+         However- Please pay close attention if you select a  2020+ , You will have two options, one requires us to cut away outside corners of fiberglass base to fit over dash mounted speakers. DO NOT select this one if you Do Not have those 2 '' tall little dash mounted speakers. The cutouts will be unsightly without speakers in them.  Also if you have a 2020+ S Base unit, you wont have the existing 6 mm rubber well nuts and bolts for the windshields, you can source your own by selecting 2020+No dash Mounted speakers , OR SELECT 2020+ S Base Unit and we will send them +$25.00 . 

Installation- A windshield center post is required for installation , however a third hole can be drilled in the bottom of the base in  centerline below hood, to bolt the base there, in the existing Polaris windshield hole, if preferred. Although the, All Things Slingshot requirement is for a center post to be used . One of these two methods must be used in conjunction with ensuring the base is placed rearward as far as possible to ensure proper hood gap exists prior to closing for first time . Prior to installing please see full instructions below, regarding fit



   At this time we are not offering a tinted version . 

This is a Custom , MADE TO ORDER ITEM, please allow two weeks prior to shipping. 

During these trying times of Covid 19, supply chains worldwide, are being disrupted, please allow possibly, an additional two or three weeks prior to shipping. 



COMPATIBILITY-  Tallboy Fits within All tops, please *Note - Slingshade Issues.

-Tallboy Plus 2 fits all tops . Photo shown with red V Back fabric top is a Plus 2 


*Slingshade Issues- Some Slingshade users have experienced a whistle sound  between 40 - 60 mph, Included are two thin 6" x 3" plastic plates that attach inconspicuously under  the leading edge of the Slingshade to smooth airflow and alleviate this issue . Not all Slingshade Users will require the plates and they are easily installed, or removed at a later date , if no longer needed. 

WHISTLE STOPS, A small black poly tab 9''x 3'', supplied, will need to be placed flush with underside of slingshade top 2'' in from each corner, over top ridges, 3M two sided tape supplied, Customer video below shows them placed and refers to them as, windstops



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