ZZP Polaris Slingshot Turbo Kit,

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ZZP Polaris Slingshot Turbo Kit 

KIT PRICE , $ 2,994.99

Kit Includes:

-ZZP Ecotec turbo manifold, header

-ZZP ball bearing turbo, oil cooled with water option at no extra charge.

-Tial MVS 38mm waste gate

-ZZP custom turbo muffler with recirc waste gate

- All Charge pipes, black , textured

-ZZP Intercooler specifically designed for the Slingshot

-ZZP blow off valve

-ZZP Cold air intake, box

-All fittings, hoses, and Clampco T-bolt clamps

-2 bar map sensor

-ZZP in-house-developed tune, flashed by CBM

This is the industries most complete bolt on turbo kit for your Polaris Slingshot. This is more than just a turbo kit, it even includes a ZZP manufactured chambered performance muffler and C.A.I. (cold air box). The cost of the tune is included in this kit. No more having to pay someone else $400+ to flash your ECM (which is required when adding boost). And as one of the Automotive Industries largest manufacturers of 2.4 Ecotech performance systems, ZZP offers an industry leading 2 Year Warranty from the date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship.

A ZZP Rear Exit Turbo Exhaust, Dual Tips, (sold here) is available as an upgrade at time of turbo purchase for an amazing $550.00

At only 6.5 psi of boost this kit makes 263whp (310 H.P.) and 269 ft lbs and at 8 psi of boost it makes 275whp (324 H.P.)and 286 ft lbs to the rear tire. Stock is around 150 horsepower to the rear tire (whp).

The bolt on turbo itself adds over 100 WHP. This kind of added power is great but arguably the best perk to this turbo would be its spool speed, possible only with a ball bearing turbo which provides a more consistent boost without turbo lag. You won’t find yourself waiting or wondering when the boost will hit while driving with this added kit, as the boost will start almost immediately as you accelerate.

On top of the bolt on turbo, this kit includes the ZZP manufactured chambered muffler, which is built to specifically handle the added turbo exhaust. You’ll also find the ZZP cold air box and Intercooler with this kit, to do what they do best, create greater breathability and add more oxygen for that extra power. Naturally this will include all of the charge pipes and hardware necessary for adding this to your Slingshot. To top it off, Included is the ZZP-in house developed tune (flashed by CBM) . This tune will adjust your vehicle’s timing and fueling tables so that it can manage the added boost without negative impacts to your engine. After everything is all said and done, at only 6.5 psi of boost, you’ll be looking at making about 260 whp with 270 ft/lbs to the wheels.

Stage 2 upgrade is available, Kit includes 60# siemens injectors, manual boost controller, required fittings and hoses, and a ZZP Stage 2 ECM tune . At 9.1 PSI Kevin Adams stock Slingshot dyno'd at 302 ft lbs torque and 301 WHP . (355 H.P.) making this ZZP Turbo Kit the best performing forced induction  system available for your stock Slingshot on the market. For longer term reliability the manual boost controller was backed off to  8. 5 PSI. maximum boost.    

This past spring Kyle Dewey of ZZPerformance set  the world,s fastest  Slingshot 1/2 mile record speed of 131.12 m.p.h. Obtained using this exact kit in a stock Slingshot ! no built engine , no modified forged internals ! Albeit, for the record attempt he did install a few basic mods, 43# injectors, and using an optional electronic  boost controller he bumped his boost to 9.5  P.S.I. and correspondingly adjusted his tune. This same kit had Kyle running 12.26 in the quarter mile @114.77 m.p.h. in a stock engine !

Since then ZZPerformance has decided to enter the forged engines realm and really demonstrate this turbo, This summer at Indy Airpark 1/2 mile event Kyle set a new world record for any slingshot digging deeper into the basket of forged components readily available at ZZP. While still demonstrating the ability of this exact same turbo kit available at under $3,000.!  Kyles results were amazing that weekend as he was the first Slingshot to run in excess of 140 mph and did it repeatedly throughout the weekend with four runs over 140 mph. setting the record at 141.38 m.p.h. That record was short lived however as Rabtech of Slingshotinfo.com at the end of the day Sunday finally broke the 140mph mark with his 500 H.P. DDM built engine with one run at 143.45 mph. Watch for these two giants to go head to head this spring as both have been gearing up anxiously awaiting the next event to showcase their talents ! 

Turbo kits are made to order and  ship in one  to two weeks.

And remember, only at WW.ALLTHNGSSLINGSHOT.COM will you receive factory direct pricing, plus 5% Of All Dollars Spent, back in points to be used to discount your next mods purchase , as all return customers will always receive preferred customer prices All Things Slingshot.


All Turbo Kits come with install instructions which also contain the address of CBM where you will need to ship your ECM. to be flashed with the ZZP 1.0 Tune File. Buyer is only responsible for the shipping cost to CBM.

When running a turbo kit, the higher cylinder pressures and temperatures require a higher Octane fuel. PREMIUM FUEL IS REQUIRED! 93 Octane, Without the use of Premium fuel you run the risk of cracking a sleeve, chipping a piston, or breaking a rod.   

ZZP Tech Support is also available to All Things Slingshot,s customers during or after install. If needed, please contact ww.customerservice@zzperformance.com  Once your ECM returns from CBM it is keyed to ZZP's tuning interface and you can visit there anytime to have your tune modified or adjusted by the countries largest supplier of aftermarket performance parts dominating the 2.0 to 2.5 liter G.M. powerplants industry, leading the country in Cobalt modifications, 3800 Grand Prix,  Cadillac ATS/LTG and the newest four cylinder Camaros.

Installations available at ZZPerformance , Wyoming MI, or at  All Things Slingshot Canadian facility , one hour East of Port Huron Mi, near London Ontario. We can arrange shipping and temporary import papers . Or we can come to you, Our shop rate will be reduced if using your shop and tools but travel expenses will apply . Economy airline tickets for long distance travel are cheaper then shipping charges , call for details or contact, Kevin Adams, on our site, www.allthingsslingshot.com or email allthingsslingshot@gmail.com

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