Adjustable Sway Bar by DDMWorks

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Adjustable Sway Bar by DDMWorks
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Part Number:DDM-16-19-RED
Adjustable Sway Bar by DDMWorks
If you're serious about driving your Slingshot and want to further enhance handling during aggressive driving... the DDMWorks Adjustable Sway Bar is a must have mod. Sway Bars are often referred 
to as anti sway bars or anti roll bars and are designed to prevent body lean when cornering. We kept the same outside diameter as the stock sway bar, but increased the wall thickness. By doing so, we increased the stiffness of the sway bar while still being able to use the stock mounts and end links. While the Sway Bar is a great start to upgrading your Polaris Slingshot suspension we highly recommend that this product is paired with the DDMWorks adjustable end links, and polyurethane Sway bar mounts for maximum performance.
Torsional Stiffness Comparison
  • Stock Sway bar - 350 lbs/in
  • DDMWorks Outer hole - 462 lbs/in
  • DDMWorks Inner hole - 571 lbs/in

  • Increased wall thickness increases stiffness from 30% to 60%
  • Can be used with stock mounts and end links
  • Upgraded mounts  Adjustable Sway Bar by DDMWorks and End links  Adjustable Sway Bar by DDMWorks  available

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