Corbin Fleetliner Saddlebags for the Polaris Slingshot

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Corbin Fleetliner Saddlebags for the Polaris Slingshot

Great for long trips. Add storage capacity to your Polaris Slingshot with these Corbin Saddlebags.

One of the drawbacks to the Polaris Slingshot design is that most folks are not visually conditioned to seeing this format and they often strike us as unbalanced. This holds true with the Polaris Slingshot even more so due to its open rear wheel.

A little careful design work by the Corbin Wizard’s and our new Fleetliner Saddlebags provide a more balanced visual while adding much needed storage. How much storage? A whopping 104 liters with both bags combined. For those not yet commited to the metric system, that equates to over three and a half cubic feet!

Corbin’s Fleetliner bags were specifically designed for the Slingshot to emulate the visuals of the bike and integrate perfectly. Notice how the lines and details of the stock bodywork has been incorporated into the design of the bags and they give a more balanced aesthetic. We think the images above speak for themselves.

Fleetliner saddlebags are specially engineered for each vehicle so they fit the profile perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. This enables the bags to carry the weight of the contents closer to the centerline and maintain a good center of gravity. Another benefit of our design and mounting system is a smaller overall width for less wind resistance. You won’t even notice they’re back there when riding and they remain stable at all speeds.

Because the Slingshot doesn’t lean in corners, we were able to make these bags larger than our typical Fleetliner bags… approximately 50 liters per side (left saddlebag holds more than the right saddlebag for pully clearance). Since all of the saddlebag capacity runs inboard, you must take care when running a larger tire/wheel combo. The Corbin R&D team left enough clearance for a 305 series tire which is more than you can put on a stock rim. If you go with an aftermarket wheel, be sure the offset is correct so you won’t face a rubbing problem with the tire on the saddlebags.

Fleetliner doors now secure with an automotive trunk style latch which is activated via the chrome remote. Doors open to the side and are held with a small cable. In addition to the large body area of the bags, we’ve built a pouch into the doors to keep you smaller items easily at hand. Doors are made with thermoformed ABS for durability and a clean finish.

Both bags come fully lined to protect your cargo and are fully sealed against the weather. Installation on the Slingshot is fairly simple and Corbin supplies all required mounting brackets. Saddlebags are constructed of our roto-molded polyeurethane material and come to you prepainted. Saddlebag bodies and brackets all come painted in wrinkle black to blend with the Slingshot chassic and lower plastics. Saddlebag doors come color coordinated to your OEM paint or are available in primer ready for your custom painter’s final preparation.

Included with the saddlebag set is our rear fender / splash guard that is an integral part of the setup. The fender component is a heavy duty ABS material in a mock Carbon-Fiber pattern to give it a sporty look. If you prefer, we can make the fender to match the body of the saddlebags in a matt black paint. Corbin’s fender works with the license plate light transferred from you stock fender. The Corbin fender installation is a required component of the saddlebags.

With this added storage and Corbin’s sport seats, the Slingshot becomes a formidable sport tourer! Remember, although our saddlebags can hold an impressive amount of gear, it is never a good idea to overload your bike. Always conform to the weight limits outlined in your owners manual to assure your safety.

Although 50 liters is quite a bit of storage, please keep in mind there are limitations in shape and door openings. In this case a standard full face helmet does not fit in the Corbin bags, but the storage area behind the seats is unaffected and will still hold a helmet.

Installation is relatively simple and does not require welding or chassis modification. One of the stock plastic underbody panels will be modified during installation with drilling and cutting template supplied. All Corbin brackets bolt to stock locations on the Polaris chassis.


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