Baker Built Slingshot Luggage Racks

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Baker Built Slingshot Luggage Racks

Product ID SSLR

Slingshot Luggage Racks

Available for both the 2015/16 Roll Hoops and the 2017/18 Roll Hoops

(Be sure to specify which model you have when ordering)

Comes in black powder coat. 

Easy install requires no drilling.

Swinging driver side rack allows easy access to fuel cap. 

Great way to strap on a suitcase or add a trunk for extra storage. 

Unique swinging design on the driver side luggage rack which allows you to leave the rack loaded and still access the fuel cap. This design has a quick release pin and locking latch (key provided) on the opposite side which allows you to lock your luggage so it can not be stolen. 

The passenger side luggage rack is stationary.

Check out this quick demonstration video:


Driver Side Luggage Rack $369.95 

Passenger Side Luggage Rack $339.00 

Purchased as a set $659.95 

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us (1-800-451-9464 or

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