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Polaris Slingshot Lowering / Sport Handling Kit by DDMWorks

Treat yourself to improved handling and a more aggressive look over the factory stance with our Polaris Slingshot Lowering / Sport handling kit.

The kit consists of 2 custom higher rate lowering springs for the front end and a new shorter shock mount clevis bracket for the back end. The handling kit is designed to give a nice improvement in handling over stock, but without spending the big money on fully adjustable coilovers. The front lowering springs were custom designed by DDM Works to be slightly stiffer than stock while also lowering the front of the Polaris Slingshot an estimated 3/4". This slight reduction in front end height helps lower the center of gravity improving braking and handling. The stiffer springs improve steering response and help with weight transfer when turning. We made sure not to go too low though and maintained good shock travel to prevent the harshness of bottoming out the suspension.

For the back end of the Slingshot, we kept it simple and designed a custom lower clevis bracket. The new rear mount swaps in with just a couple of bolts and lowers the back of the Slingshot approxmatily 3/4" to match the front end drop for a uniform look. Although this kit will not give you all of the performance of a fully adjustable coilover upgrade, it is a simple and affordable way to improve the handling of your Slingshot without spending big money.

If you want to take your handling even further, pair the handling kit with our upgraded sway bar and your Slingshot can become quite a canyon carving machine.

Features of the Polaris Slingshot Lowering / Sport Handling Kit

- Reduces Front / Rear Height by 3/4"

- Lowers center of gravity improving handling

- Stiffer springs improve steering response

- Much cheaper option than upgraded coilovers 

Includes 2 Front Springs + 1 Rear Shock Bracket DDMWorks Sport Handling 3/4" Lowering Kit for the Polaris Slingshot

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