Slingshot Big Brake Kit by DDMWorks

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Slingshot Big Brake Kit by DDMWorks

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Part Number:DDM-15-8-DDM-16-50

DDMWorks is proud to offer the only 14" 3 wheel big brake kit exclusively designed for the Slingshot. We started out with the simple idea of offering the best performing brake upgrade available for the Slingshot that could be fit under the stock Slingshot SL wheels. We were able to find massive 14" rotors from Wilwood and by designing custom aluminum rotor hats, we could place the rotor exactly where it needed to be to give enough clearance to most stock and aftermarket wheels. Once we had the rotor picked out and knew what we wanted, the research and testing continued until we came up with the perfect combination of stopping power, price and great looks and now offer that as our Slingshot Big Brake Kit.
Stopping power is the most important part of a brake kit and the Wilwood FSL-6 calipers are up to any braking task the Slingshot can offer. To get the best stopping power we replaced the small stock single piston caliper with the huge forged Superlite 6 piston caliper from Wilwood. The forged caliper from Wilwood are made here in the US at their California facility and have become known as the benchmark in may forms of racing, including road racing, rally and sports driving competition. These calipers offer internal fluid ports which eliminate the vulnerable external fluid cross-over tubes used in some other less expensive calipers. The forged calipers also benefit from the latest in computer generated solid modeling that reduces the overall weight of the caliper and also keeps them strong and solid which creates a strong and light caliper. Every one of the forged calipers is made by a stress-flow forging of premium grade aluminum alloy billet and transformed through CNC machine work into the super strong caliper we use in our kit. The caliper also features differential bore size to ensure that the pad is pressed evenly across the entire pad surface preventing irregular pad wear. Unique radial mount caliper brackets were designed in house at DDMWorks to perfectly mount these Wilwood calipers to the Slingshot.
Once we had the hardware completed we then tested many different brake pad materials on the prototypes to develop the sytem even more. Our goal was to give great stopping power without making the fronts too aggresive and causing the brake balance to be thrown off and make the vehicle unstable. We were able to carefully match the brake pads in our kit to provide an even brake balance, even if you choose to stay with the stock brake pads in the back. Braking can be improved even more with the optional brake pad upgrade we offer for the rear.
Stopping power is important, but we know that everyone wants their brake kit to look great also, so on the Slingshot FSL-6 kit we went with oversized 14" diameter rotors. These rotors look great and also offer greatly enhanced thermal capacity from the stock setup. The huge 14" rotors are then mated to custom designed billet aluminum hats designed in house by DDMWorks to create the lightweight and strong 2 piece rotor for the kit. The rotors fit under all 18" wheels that we have tested including the stock Slingshot SL wheels (The stock SL wheels will require the installation of 90 degree valve stems for clearance).
This kit is the perfect compliment to other wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades that you may have made to the Slingshot or as a stand alone modification. If you are using your Slingshot for competition or just for show and cruising around, this kit offers great looks and even better stopping power. With our optional caliper finishes and rotor designs you can personalize the style and look of the system just for you. Anyway you option the kit though, be prepared to stop quicker and look good doing it!
DDMWorks FSL-6 Brake Kit includes -
  • 2 - 6 piston Wilwood Forged Superlite Calipers
  • 2 - 14"x.81" Rotors
  • 2 - Custom Steel Caliper Mounting Brackets
  • 2 - Custom offset billet aluminum rotor hats
  • All mounting hardware needed for installation
We are now offering a full kit for all 3 wheels now also. The new 3 wheel kit has an integrated parking brake that is a separate caliper on the rear disc. This mechanical caliper allows a purely mechanical way to stop the vehicle that still works in the event of a hydraulic failure, just like the stock brake system. 

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