ZZP Rear Exit Turbo Exhaust, Dual Tips

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The ZZPerformance Rear Exit Turbo Exhaust is like nothing else on the market.  They don’t use aluminized mild steel like the competitors.  ZZP uses 304 stainless tubing.  They start with a 3” down pipe which is larger than any other company uses.  they then neck down to 2.5” to pass through the trans tunnel and exit out the back, through their ZZP resonator, and ending at a high mount dual exit tip.  The exhaust produces a deep throaty exotic sound unlike anything else available.  This kit also comes with a new upgraded transmission mount, a 304 stainless atmospheric dump tube for your waste gate, and a license plate relocation kit.  This kit is proprietary to the ZZP Slingshot turbo kit   If you purchase the turbo kit at the same time this exhaust is an available upgrade option for only $550.  Going to the drag strip and want zero restriction or just more sound from your exhaust?  No problem, this is the only modular exhaust on the market. Add their drag tip which removes everything from the resonator back and exits low at the back.  It takes less than 2 minutes to go from street to drag.  Every exhaust is hand made here in the USA at ZZP on their CNC mandrel bender.
ZZP Rear Exit N/A systems, click here                                                                                                                                                                                                                       View the Sound clip here  

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