1320 V2 Performance Exhaust with Adjustable Silencer

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1320 V2 Performance Exhaust with Adjustable Silencer.


The 1320 V2 Performance Exhaust with Adjustable Silencer was designed to produce great low end power all the way in the to red line, while adding an aggressive tone to your SlingShot. The Version 2 Exhaust has an added Adjustable Silencer so you can choose how loud or quiet your Slingshot will be. Our exhausts are constructed with high-quality stainless steel, and CNC-machined flanges that accept OEM O-ring gasket. Our Anti-Reversion chamber gets rid of  any unwanted exhaust gases that travel backwards through the exhaust system when exhaust gas velocity is low and scavenging is minimal. Under those conditions, exhaust gases can enter the intake side, contaminating the combustion process. Our Anti-Reversion chamber keeps exhaust flow moving in the right direction resulting in a broader power band and more torque. Factory spring mounting bracket is used to keep the exhaust in an OEM fitment with no modification required. Our exhaust works with the OEM Slingshot Manifold and our 1320 Performance Header.

Fits 2015-2019

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