Baker Built, Slingshot Side Wings

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Baker Built Slingshot Side Wings 

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Slingshot Side Wings

Are made to fit Slingshots with a roof.

Greatly reduces wind buffeting and mic noise.

Keeps you warmer and dryer in cold and wet weather.

Also keeps you cooler by deflecting air into rider and co-rider.

Clamps to the top post requires no drilling.

Available in black hardware and scratch resistant plastics.

Available in two different clamp sizes 1 5/16" and 1 5/8" this will be the diameter of the post you are clamping to. Most tops will require the 1 5/8" clamp, Only the Fab Factory tops will use the 1 5/16" clamps. 

Slingshade wings available +$ 20.00 , see slingshade side wings listing

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